Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/16 San Antonio Half-Marathon - 1:19:45

6:06 avg pace
mile 1 - 6:10
mile 2 & 3 - 17:47 (11:37)
mile 4 - 23:51 (6:04)
mile 5 - 30:17 (6:26)
mile 6 - 36:05 (5:48)
mile 7 - 42:13 (6:08)
mile 8 - 48:09 (5:56)
mile 9 - 54:16 (6:06)
mile 10 - 1:00:29 (6:13)
mile 11 - 1:06:39 (6:10)
mile 12 - 1:12:55 (6:15)
Finish - 1:19:45 (6:50)

I was shooting for a better time, but was not able to bring my pace down like I thought I would. I opened up and started out slower than planned. It's likely that I hurt myself during miles 2 and 3. In mile 5, we ran uphill for about 3 blocks... definitely the slowest mile, and coming back down from that, hitting a 5:48 mile didn't feel all that bad. From the half-way point on, my run was very back and forth. I would pick up the pace, then start to feel like crap and my pace would slow... I'd get mad at myself for slowing and pick it up again, and back down till I got mad again and took off.

I feel 2 big things about this race... (1) I'm in better shape, but just have gone so long without racing, I can think of plenty of places along the course where I lost time. (2) I battled through to get the time I did. I feel good about the effort, and feel good with the time. When I knew I wouldn't get my goal time, I simply wanted to get below 1:20, which I thankfully did.

Time to start getting myself ready for Houston.


Minken said...

If they all went according to plan we probably would not run anymore...it would just be too boring!! Nice battle to take away some good victories from this race! That being said, posting a sub 1:20 now should but you in EXCELLENT shape for Houston! Good running!

kayry said...

Good seeing you out there Sam - congrats on getting below 1:20. I was a bit surprized at the mile 2/3 splits we were doing when I looked back at it - I was kinda sticking on you thinking you were at 6 mpm pace given your target - guess we banked a little time those miles.

hope you enjoyed the trip.


kayry said...

Hey - they got us together.


Bill said...

Pretty good effort. Get ready for Houston...and I'll see you there.